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From the eBook's Introduction:
Why Guerrilla Glamour? "While one person might be shooting with the latest-and-greatest and the next is shooting with more commonly-seen gear, guess what? The one with the ordinary equipment is, often enough, just as likely to capture photos as good or better than the gear-head with all the really neat and expensive photo-toys."
- Guerrilla Glamour™

From Chapter 7 - Composition - Stuffing Models In a Box: "There are many ways to stuff a model in a box, the box being your frame: The rectangular dimensions in your viewfinder or of the finished photo. Composition, in glamour photography, is about artfully and eye-fetchingly putting round pegs in square holes. Actually, it's more like putting curvy things in rectangular spaces..."  - Guerrilla Glamourâ„¢
101 Candid, Straight-Talk, Put-Into-Practice Pages Designed to Help You:

  • Develop winning tactical strategies to simplify your production and post-production processes.
  • Arm yourself with the gear you need, not simply what you want or what manufacturers claim you need. Get the most Bang For Your Bucks!
  • Train to adapt to all kinds of situations. Learn to "Keep it simple stupid"  and resist multiplying difficulty and complexity beyond necessity.
  • Engage viewers with simple yet compelling lighting styles and compositional techniques. Hone your editing & post-processing skills. Develop a personal style and make your images fierce!
  • Gain rapport with models!  Win hearts and minds, recruiting them as key allies in your war on mediocre glamour photography.
  • Put into action Ten Simple Steps to help you deploy your photography to the front and win!
  • Realize there are no Secrets of the Pros. It's all available for you to discover, learn, and integrate into a formidable, skills-based, arsenal.

From Chapter 1: Secrets of the Pros:
"What's amazing about photography and, for me, what makes it a life-long, neverending, learning-and-discovery process, is there are so many ways to approach capturing an image: Artistically, technically, stylistically, and in almost infinite combinations of the three. It's easy to see why there seems to be secrets some shooters know about and others don't." - Guerrilla Glamourâ„¢

Here's What People Are Saying About Guerrilla Glamour™

"Damn Jimmy, you rock!!!!! I got your book this morning and finished it today while I've been burning images off of the computer for storage! I'm telling you that it's a great read and packed with a lot of common sense info that beginners and pros like me need! I liked the fact that you started out with the basics that everyone should know and then brought it home with a lot of great tips as well. I could see you taking this book and removing the glamour stuff in it and making a general photography philosophy book as well. There is so much in there that translates so well in my world of commercial photography and I could see others benefiting from it as well! Maybe that will be the next book! Thanks again for a great read and also the reinforcement that your book brought to me about how I do things in my world!
" -Kevin May, Commercial Photographer, Peoria, IL

"I love it! From the must-have gear list and descriptions of what each piece is used for, to the talking with, directing, and posing of models, to the behind-the-scenes set-up shots, this book is a must have for aspiring guerrilla glamour shooters to old pros. I have been enjoying your writing style, wit, and open sharing of experience both on your blog and in the various forums and this book provides all that in spades!"
-Frank Wise, Photographer & Co-Founder, Faded and Blurred

"JimmyD has taken his extensive knowledge and experience and finally put it into an awesome new book, Guerrilla Glamour!  Jimmy is the master of super-sexy commercial quality glamour... Sure, he tackles some of the technical material like different kinds of equipment, lighting theory, and composition.  But he also offers perspective on topics that are more subjective like style and post processing.  My favorite parts of the book are the ones that deal directly with the subjects of the pictures themselves.  Jimmy gives you the low-down on how to direct models effectively and still show them the level of respect and consideration they deserve.  An excellent book for anyone interested in the subject of glamour photography!"
-Ed Verosky, Commercial Photographer and Author, "100% Reliable Flash Photography,"  "10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now," and "25 Amazing Boudoir Photography Techniques."

"...gains immediate interest... well chosen and varied selection of images throughout the book...  common sense advice and you can tell you are speaking about something you clearly understand rather than just spouting theory or going wide-eyed over megapixels."
-Ashley Karyl, Glamour Photographer and Author, "How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional"

"Everything you said about models -- meeting, working with them, posing -- DEAD ON!  ...simple set-ups, simple explanations, clear and to the point. You may have waved a big flag and yelled, 'Hey dudes! It's not brain-surgery!'" -April Berardi,  Model & Photographer

"...there's no reason this shouldn't be a hard copy "real" book on the shelves with all the rest... I had two shoots this week where I put some of your lighting set ups to the test with pleasing results. I'm already benefiting and I believe others will too. Good work!" -M. Barnes, Photographer and Curator, Art Nudes

"Afreakinamazing!  Jimmy, this is a REAL book!!!  It's an instructional manual, textbook, book of humor, photo book, reference book, story book, buyers guide and how-to book all at the same time." -Susan Mortimer, Art Designer

"Jim, thanks so much for the book. I can actually use it! I've been thinking about trying my hand, just for fun, at a model shoot  and was going to pick your brain. Now I don't have to as it's all there in the book. It's clear, conversational, and concise." - Steven Neimand, Attorney at Law, long-time photo hobbyist and soon-to-be Guerrilla Glamour photographer.

"I just bought your book! This is one of the most impressive and useful (glamour) photo books I've ever seen. Thank you for all your help." -Bob Marcotte, Commercial Photographer & Freelance Photojournalist, Fresno, CA

"Jimmy-- Great read and for $10 I think I got the better part of the deal. Thank you for writing this!  With your book, I'm 
certain the quality of my images and the experience for my models will achieve a new level."
-Mark, Guerrilla Glamour

"I have been reading your ebook and I’m learning a lot from it so, when I get home, I will put it into practice. Have you
thought of a DVD as well? I would buy it. Also love the blog. At times, it gets blocked due to being in Iraq but when I do get
to see it I read everything. Keep up the great work!"
-Rob J., Photographer and U.S. Military Serviceman, Iraq

"Got the book... FABULOUS! Highly recommended by this old per...err, photographer! Seriously, great stuff, Jimmy! Thanks!"
-Tom McElvy, via Twitter, Photographer, Nude Shooter, All Around Nice Guy, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

"Hey Jimmy D, Your ebook rocks. What I'm learning from it is very applicable to portrait photography. So it is pretty much
 2 for the price of one. If you ever start doing workshops, keep a spot for me. Your book has just won you a fan."

-Anonymous Comment,
Pretty Girl Shooter Blog  "I bought your new eBook and love it! No matter what your level of expertise, this book either elevates or anchors the
photographer in sound and
simple advice on Glamour Photography. Really a "Must Have" for all experienced or beginner
Glamour shooters! Thanks for making the effort that produced this book!"
-Barry Brown, Photographer, Crossville,
Tennessee, USA

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